FOTOFOCUS Student Salon

I was raised within the borders of an Ohio state forest where my chief concerns were exploring and erecting whatever structures my complex imaginary worlds required. A few flat rocks dragged from a creek bed might become the floor of a palace, while a few fallen limbs and fistfuls of moss might become its throne. Next just carry all of it to clearing on the other side of the ridge peak and you have a kingdom. Luckily I wasn’t burdened with a lot of friends and relatives to come poking around, and the few that did could understood the profound sense of satisfaction gained by my forest endeavors. As I grew, the stories and worlds grew with me, and even though I no longer have enough time to explore the forest like I once did, I am still an escapist at heart.

This exhibition was timed to coincide the 2012 FOTOFOCUS Biennial, which encompassed 70+ venues across Cincinnati.