Only in limited circumstances might we associate an experience with the lowly floor tile as integral to the essence of a building, despite being the portion of the building with which we have the most sustained and intimate physical contact.

To correct this common negligence, this project constructs a false floor that exists to call attention to itself. MIRROR facilitates the formation of a haptic feedback loop between person and building, amplifying footsteps into an unplanned orchestra of tremors.

Mirror employs an array of electronics to perform a chain of transformations which allow it to engage in dialogue every person who steps upon it: from a tactile/aural event (the footstep), to electrical energy (via microphone), to data (via microcomputer), to electrical energy (via amplifier), and finally back to a tactile/aural event (via transducer). A variety of audio processing techniques are applied by the microcomputer, dependent on the frequency of the incoming signal.


Significant aid was lent to this project by Jessica Gersony, whose tap performance demonstrated the possibilities for richness in our everyday interactions with the (terrestrial-bound) surfaces around us.

Special thanks to Aimilios Davlantis Lo for his illustration.


Materials: plywood, paint, microphones, raspberry pi, amplifiers, transducers, wires

Software: sonic-pi, qjackctl, patchage