Rip van Winkle’s Lament

Legacy may be defined as that which remains in one’s absence. Vignettes, tiny episodes distilled from the great volume of life lived, pile up as time passes and are often all that persist. These small stories are told and retold, both to myself and to others, in order to nail down exactly who I have been. Rip Van Winkle’s Lament is an original musical composition which has been transformed into a charcoal drawing through use of the Petrosyllabic Resonator.

Materials: Charcoal Powder, Paper, Sound

Dimensions: 48” x 36”



I might teethe eulogies,

sift through miles of dumpster speech

to unearth all the words I’ll be.

Calcified lateral lines,

sedimentary slanted rhymes

glue this phrase to the days I’ve died

With elsewhere eyes and empty pockets,

I’ve been swindled by the mountains.

Laid beneath this overburden blanket

stitched from hours the Catskills claimed.

My moments heaped in bedrock sheets,

My metamorphic memories.

As my stories come undone,

in the same breath they’re re-spun.

Was I only every song that I have sung?