The slope beneath my family home rises gently at first, before abruptly inclining and eventually bursting into a small ridge which dissects one of southern Ohio’s many state forests. Here, the Appalachian foothills emerged from the Pleistocene unscoured, and I plunged into their deep relief often and thoroughly to become lost, both in thought, and occasionally, orientation. The trees, creeks, and stones were much more than scenery, and instead undertook new roles as characters, cathedrals, and confidants. I would play Socrates, peppering the hillsides with questions of why, how, and when they came to be.

Every good story commences with a setting. Sequences of events may then be emplotted, draped across this backbone to weave a narrative. Spine is a scaled wireframe model of the earthen underpinnings beneath my experiences.

Materials: Fourteen 1/4” diameter 10’ lengths of steel, monofilament

Coordinates: (39.314528,-82.950156),

Scale: X-axis: 14”=1mi, Y-axis: 4”=100’. Sea level = 12” above floor.